Friday the 29th of August we set our sails and went down to Skövde. It was a great day, for once it wasn’t raining and all the guys were phyched for the show that evening. All except for one, Jakob had been really ill all week; basically spent the entire week in bed so he wasn’t really feeling up for the gig at all. Once we got there though and saw the town square packed with wonderful people of all shapes and sizes all those feelings were gone in an instant, that sight could have raised the dead.The show was fantastic and afterwards we all headed out to our favorite joint in Skövde, Bogrens Salonger, where we plugged in our instruments and performed a short acoustic surprise set for all the guests and then we partied on through the night.
Back home we spent the week writing and recording in the studio up until Thursday night when it was time to get all our gear and ourselves onboard the plane to Stuttgart. On arrival we were met by Andrea and Freddie who were there to drive us to the town of Haigerloch, about a 45 minute drive south of Stuttgart. We got there around 1 AM and it was really dark and foggy so we all checked in to the hotel and crashed. When we woke up the next morning we were all struck by the beauty of this little town, it looked like something out of a Walt Disney movie.
Henrik and Pontus went out to explore the town and found some very nice places and even made some new friends.
The show that night, what can I say, it was just awesome. A huge tent packed with about 4000 people clapping and cheering and screaming their lungs out just the way we love it!

When we finally got back to the hotel at around 3 AM Henrik’s telephone which is also his alarm clock informed him very clearly that he now had less than four hours of sleep before it was time to get up. A very annoying feature that Henrik many times has tried to get rid of but he still hasn’t quite figured out how to turn it off. Anyway, as you probably understand, with the alarms set to 7 o’clock we all hit the sack. Rise and shine, a quick breakfast and a fast car ride later we were once again at the Stuttgart airport and this time heading back home.

We had kind of a strange journey home with a three hour stop-over in Amsterdam and an extremely bumpy ride from Amsterdam to Stockholm but when that was all out of the way, sometime in the late afternoon the plane touched down at last at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.

Saturday night’s adventure was a gig at Moberg’s in Norrtälje. The house was packed and the temperature was high. A bit tired from lack of sleep and all the traveling during the day and exhausted after the show we were still all smiles when we sat down, panting, in the dressing room after the show.

This show marked the end of this summer’s tour and pretty much the end of the entire Sweet Trade tour that has been going on for about a year. A lot of things have happened during this journey, we’ve travelled across Europe and met so many wonderful fans in Sweden, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, all over the place. We’ve played more shows than we care to keep track of; we’ve toured together with fantastic bands and great people and had many, many laughs and a lot of wonderful times, THANKS TO YOU! But as they say; all good things must come to an end (I wonder why).

So what happens now you might ask? Well, don’t you worry, the wheels are already in motion and we are currently writing and demoing material for the next album and let me tell you, it sounds very promising; it’s going to be a killer album. Later on this fall we’re going to enter the studio to lay down the tracks for this upcoming masterpiece and we are aiming for a release sometime during the spring of 2009.
So, thank you and a big hug to everyone who’s been buying our CDs, coming to our shows, supporting us along the way and I don’t know about you but I’m personally already looking forward to seeing you all on the road in 2009!

Rock on!

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