The good weather seems to have returned to Sweden where the sun is shining and the people are happy. The Poodles set off around noon yesterday and headed north. First a stop in Sundsvall for an interview with the radio station P4-Västernorrland.
And then on to Örnsköldsvik where the show of the evening took place. The stop at the radio station in Sundsvall had taken a bit longer than expected so a very quick dinner and five minutes of rest after the seven-hour-drive and then head down to the venue.
A great looking crowd had found their way there and we had a fantastic show where we watched the sun set right in front of the stage in the middle of the set.
Some people have been asking what the set-list looks like now-a-days so I thought I would share yesterdays set-list with you all.
1. Too Much Of Everything
2. Caroline
3. Seven Seas
4. Metal Will Stand Tall
5. Like No Tomorrow
6. One Out Of Ten
7. Thunderball
8. I Rule The Night
9. Night Of Passion
10. Line Of Fire (encore)
After the show we all tried our best to celebrate the great show of the evening, Henrik of course going to extremes with his potato chips and salty sticks
Later we all went back to the hotel and watched the first drafts of the two upcoming videos for ”I Rule The Night” and ”Like No Tomorrow” and after that we went to bed happy, with a smile on our faces. Today; Ludvika!!
Rock on!!!

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