Hammerfall to headline Friday at Sabaton Open Air 2017! There are quite a few of us who are happy over the fact that the HammerFall boys once went against the tide – and dared to stand (and deliver!) their metal, in a time when metal was in a coma. Some 20 years and 9 studio albums later, HammerFall released their 10th, ”Built to Last”this fall. They are also introducing their new drummer, Johan Koleberg, who the SOA audience met last summer in Therion. HammerFall is to consider one of the most iconic bands in their genre, and it’s with great pride we now can welcome them to Falun in August 2017 for a Friday headline show at Sabaton Open Air! Or as the singer, Joacim Cans puts it: ”It is an honor to yet again share the stage with our friends in Sabaton, and this time on their home ground within the heart of Sweden. We have always had a nice fanbase there so we are really looking forward to once again deliver some ”True German metal from Sweden!”. ;) https://www.hammerfall.net @hammerfall_official See HammerFall here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqYzI8vMG_0

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