Well, I admit, it’s been awhile but it’s good to be back. Internet is still actually hard to come by in some parts. Anyway, since we last spoke we’ve been doing quite a few shows in various places in Sweden and in between the shows we’ve been trying to relax and enjoy the fantastic weather we’ve had and when it’s hot outside it’s nice to jump in for a refreshing swim.

Gothenburg, Edsbyn, Sala, Sävsjö and Vänersborg have all been getting their fair share of the sweet sounds of The Poodles. But all this travelling around, not to mention all the ”peanuts”,

sometimes gets a poodle tired.

And hungry!

Now we’re off for a four-day strech that kicks off in Lysekil, on the west coast of Sweden, today and then on to Gävle, Älvdalen and finally a big TV-show, Sommarkrysset, in Stockholm on Saturday.

Have a good one!!

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  1. Ferran at 13:51

    Nice holidays and beautiful landscapes! The ”tapas” that Kicken is eating have a good look tasty. We are waiting for the poodles’s new record soon!

    Take care and ”tapas rules”!

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