We have mentioned this problem a few times before..
-Jake and his bags who always takes all available (and unavailable) space in the buses!

In Bollnäs i finally got the chance to see Jakes impressive new wardrobe, it’s now bigger & heavier than ever and i can tell that the hardcase he now have for all his stage-clothes is taking almost as much space in the bus as Kickens drums do..
-Everyone loves Jakes clothes!!!

When Jake suddenly left the dressingroom in his search for free food i got this great picture who shows how much Kicken & Egberg loves Jakes wardrobe.. (Norgren was completly lost in the backstage-area and told me later that he was 100% on Jake’s side!)

-Have one nice trip in Gemany boys!

/Webmaster (the humble one)

PS: I want all great on & off-stage pics of The Poodles Germany-tour sent to my E-mail: [email protected] or upload themself in the forums-area here on the site. 🙂

Also we just got this fresh interview with Jake from Hard Rock Service!