Another packed house and another great show. The enthusiastic crowd in Kalix filled the place, shone along with the midnight sun and partied with the band

until the early hours of the morning. When the band got themselves out of bed at 9 AM, after just a few hours of sleep, and went down to have breakfast there were still a few natives ordering another round of tequila!!

Our great sound technician, Christoffer, who along with the band had been hanging out with the people mentioned above looked very surprised when we finally got hold of a key and went into his room to get him out of bed.

At last we got all our stuff together and could set off to the airport. On the way there we got one last taste of this northern country when this fellow decided it was a good idea to run around on the road, in front of the car. After a while he came to his senses and stepped aside and let us pass and we could continue our journey.

Next stop Uddevalla!!

Stay tuned.

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  1. Thunderball at 20:15

    Saturday I will see Yngwie Malmsteen in Barcelona. I’ll give greets from yours. 😛



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