Friday night The Poodles played Norrköping together with H.E.A.T, slept for two hours, raced to the airport and jumped on a plane down to Munich. When we hit the ground and got all our bags together we met our favorite bus driver, jumped on the bus and headed over to Metropolis Music Hall.

The show was great and the crowd was just fantastic.
After the show we headed over to the Garage for a premier party together with the guys from Dynazty, a party that lasted well into the early hours of the morning.
Right now the whole tour party is hanging out backstage in Mannheim, getting ready to do another show.
Tomorrow we’re heading back north again, for Copenhagen. So all you people in Denmark and the southern parts of Sweden don’t miss the chance to come over and see the Clash Of The Elements Tour show.
Rock on!! (cause we will)

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