The 2007 party!

Today (21/9) it’s time for this years big party: The Poodles releaseparty at Rocks, Stockholm.
It will be a great night for sure & all of you who just cant make it there can keep an eye out here in the blog..
-Mabye we will send some rare stuff live from the party!!

Pictures and stories from the party will be posted in the forums after the weekend so make sure you register there (For free!) so you dont miss out any cool stuff!

(Hey.. You know that you can upload your Poodles-pic’s in there?
-Try it.. We love it!)
(Det går att ställa in forumet till svenska dessutom.. ) Issue 13

We have been in top of the chart for many weeks with songs from the album: Metal Will Stand Tall and we still hang in there with the song: Metal Will Stand Tall.

Seven Seas are new track for this issue!
If you want, feel free to visit & vote for your 5 favourite tracks & remember that there are 2 Poodles-tracks in the chart!