The shows go on because, as you know, they must go on. Wednesday we played a very rainy and wet Nyköpingshus in Nyköping. Still one of the coolest places to ever host a rock concert, an old fortress from midieval times.

Yesterday we hit Borgholm, Öland for the very first time. A packed house and plenty of exited people in front of the stage made The Poodles feel right at home.
Today we head out for Falkenberg, straight across on the opposite side of this country we call Sweden. In Falkenberg Jakob is also starring in the very popular Swedish rock tour, Rapsody In Rock, where he will make four exclusive appearances. Falkenberg July 11 and Dalhalla, Rättvik July 13, 14 and 15. Check it out if you get the chance.
While all this is going on we are swamped in preparations for the European release of ”Clash Of The Elements” and also planning our upcoming tour of Europe this fall. More on that later.
Rock on!!!

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