This weekend’s events marked the end of this summer’s tour and pretty much the end of the entire Sweet Trade tour that has been going on for about a year. A lot of things have happened during this journey, we’ve travelled across Europe and met so many wonderful fans in Sweden, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, all over the place. We’ve played more shows than we care to keep track of; we’ve toured together with fantastic bands and great people and had many, many laughs and a lot of wonderful times along the way, THANKS TO YOU!

But the wheels are already in motion and later on this fall we’re going to enter the studio to record our upcoming album and we are aiming for a release sometime during the spring of 2009.

So, thank you everyone who’s been buying our CDs, coming to our shows, supporting us along the way and I don’t know about you but we’re already looking forward to seeing you all on the road in 2009!

The Poodles.

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